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Anime and Manga fan fic and fan art plot and art ideas.
A place to post your anime/manga fan art ideas and fan fiction plot bunnies. All anime/mangas welcome.


1. Types of Anime/Manga Fandoms Allowed: All anime and magna are welcome and please don't be surprised if no one at the group likes the same fandoms as you do and don’t take your bunnies or uses your bunny for another fandom.

2. Tagging Bunnies: When you post a bunny, please tag your post with the following information. Anime or manga fandom, what characters are in the bunny and whether the bunnies are general, het, or slash bunnies.

3. Describing Bunnies: Please keep descriptions as non-graphic (showing gore, sexual content, etc.) as possible (especially if the bunny is for a mature fic or art). Because I already have the site on adult concepts (14+ rating) and I don't have to have this site set for adult content if I don’t have too.

4. When Adopting Bunnies: If you do decide to adopt a bunny from here and write a fic or do art please comment on the post you adopted the bunny from with a link to your fic or art so everyone can read/look it.