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A few bunnies.

Yu Yu Hakusho Bunnies:

1) Kurama finds a dying female fox with a littler of kits in a nearby den, putting the mother out of her misery Kurama becomes a foster parent to the kits.

2) Crossover with Inuyasha: After their victory over Naraku, the gang goes to Kagome’s time and seal the Bone Eaters well forever, while in this modern time Shippo meets Kurama and Kurama sees it is his duty to finish teaching Shippo the ways of being a fox demon where Shippo’s father had left off before he’d died. (Think of this as the kitsune version of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program!)

3) Kurama is infatuated with someone (can be a canon character, OC, whatever) and he starts to stalk them and go about making this person his mate, but here’s the catch he acts like a fox while he’s doing this in human form. *I have a list of what Kurama would do to get a mate using his instincts as a fox, but I can’t find it! When I do I’ll post it up, but until then I suggest looking up the mating habits of foxes and overlapping it with the mating habits of the human male and go from there.*

Generic Bunnies:

4) Have a skeptic type character get abducted by aliens!

5) A serious or crack version of a character interview.

6) A day in the life of _________.

7) A character goes shopping a Bed, Bath and Beyond to by some kitchen stuff (what it is, is up to you). They go to the Beyond section and they are in this strange world/dimension/universe and they have to find what they were going shopping there for. *This bunny is based on an episode of Family Guy and I just went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a lamp shade a week ago! XD*

8) What if a character wakes up to realized that they are nothing but a figment of a mass dilution!

9) A character finds out that Girl Scout cookies are made out of real Girl Scouts! *Blame the first Addams Family movie for this one.*

10) Have two characters that don’t like each other be handcuffed to each other.

Yu-Gi-Oh Bunny:

11) Either Kaiba, Yami Bakura or Yami Marik be singing a Barry Manilow song in the shower and have either Mokuba (if Kaiba), Ryou (if Yami Bakura), or Marik/Malik, Ishizu or Odion (if Yami Marik) video tape them and then secretly show the tape of them singing to everybody.

Crossover Bunny:

12) A crossover with Yu Yu Hakusho/Inuyasha/Dragonball Z/Yu-Gi-Oh: Kurama, Future Trunks, Sesshomaru and Yami Bakura are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Kurama is Famine (because he controls plants and if plants start attacking people and animals then the food chain will be destroyed!), Yami Bakura is Pestilence (he can summon spirits, undead, creepy crawlies, etc.), Trunks is War (Saiyans love to fight and can’t seem to get enough of it!) and Sesshomaru is Death (with the two swords he has and a nasty reputation to boot it fits him.) *I have been wanting to write this one but my damn OC keeps wanting to get in the act and I don’t want her to. Stupid OC!*
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