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Wacky Dream Bunnies!

Okay, I got this weird dream this morning that screamed bunny and so I had to share.

The anti-character bunny! - A character's anti-verse version of them selves comes to start some trouble or help.

A) Anti-verse villains go out of their way to help the good guys!

B) Anti-verse heroes go out of their way to cause trouble for the good guys and end up pissing off the bad guys!

     1) The antiheroes help the bad guys!
     2) The antiheroes try to out do the bad guys and either succeed better or fail worse than the bad guys.
     3) The antiheroes because such a pain in the ass that both the heroes and villains combined forces to get rid of the anti-verse hero!
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Link to Bunny Site

The Yaoi Bunny Farm is a site full of anime/manga bunnies. Most are yaoi, a lot are gen, and there is about a handful of yuri. The site hasn't been updated since December of 2007.

On that site, you will find:

9 Black Cat bunnies
775 CLAMP Campus Detectives bunnies
96 Death Note bunnies
525 Detective Conan bunnies
229 Fruits Basket bunnies
36 Fullmetal Alchemist bunnies
64 Gravitation bunnies
83 Gundam Wing AC bunnies
72 Inuyasha bunnies
51 Kyou Kara Maou bunnies
13 Matantei Loki Ragnarok bunnies
2 Getbackers bunnies (located in the Misc section)
1 Sequence bunny (located in the Misc section)
1 Sukisyo bunny (located in the Misc section)
3200 Naruto bunnies
18 One Piece bunnies
112 Ranma 1/2 bunnies
129 Rurouni Kenshin bunnies
17 Saiyuki bunnies
80 Sorcerer Hunters/Bakuretsu Hunters
48 Tokyo Babylon bunnies
154 Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE bunnies
52 Weiß Kreuz bunnies
26 Yami no Matsuei bunnies
1129 Yugioh bunnies
61 Yu Yu Hakusho bunnies

Some are crossovers, some AU, some fusions (I think). Site is unlikely to be updated as I long ago forgot the password.

I Don't Do Windows!


Welcome to the Anime Bunny Farm a place where anyone can give and share plot bunnies for their fan fics and fan art.

Now for the rules.


1. Types of Anime/Manga Fandoms Allowed: All anime and magna are welcome and please don't be surprised if no one at the group likes the same fandoms as you do and don’t take your bunnies or uses your bunny for another fandom.

2. Tagging Bunnies: When you post a bunny, please tag your post with the following information. Anime or manga fandom, what characters are in the bunny and whether the bunnies are general, het, or slash bunnies.

3. Describing Bunnies: Please keep descriptions as non-graphic (showing gore, sexual content, etc.) as possible (especially if the bunny is for a mature fic or art). Because I already have the site on adult concepts (14+ rating) and I don't have to have this site set for adult content if I don’t have too.

4.When Adopting Bunnies: If you do decide to adopt a bunny from here and write a fic or do art please comment on the post you adopted the bunny from with a link to your fic or art so everyone can read/look it.